Elli Theobald dio una conferencia Innovaciones en tiempos de Pandemia: Disminuyendo las brechas en el Seminario de innovación docente UC donde afirmó que se puede implementar en cursos masivos, refiriéndose a 700 personas o más.

Jonathan Bergmann dio una conferencia en el mismo seminario Flipped classroom as a strategy for active learning

Resumen de sus recomendaciones:

Best practices:

	assigning a video to watch is not enough

10 biggest mistakes (según Jonathan Bergmann):

  1. videos are too long
factor of 3 time cutting with respect to class lecture
  1. lecturing when students don’t watch
track who watched the material
  1. making content difficult to access
QR code on exercise page
  1. teachers not active in classroom
  2. not planning for students with incomplete understanding
  3. Don’t teach students how to watch an instructional video
first classes watch videos together and show them how to take notes.
  1. Not building in interactivity into lessons
edpuzzle, perusall, developed by eric mazur
  1. Not making your own content
curate vs create
  1. Not getting students involved
you have to tell students what you are doing
survey, ask them what works and what not
  1. if you don’t make the class active
the big question is what you do with your class time.